Sunday, July 21, 2013

throwing caution to the wind

This summer, I've only looked outside the window a few times, to say nothing of venturing out of doors.

At first, I justified it with the heat.

Then how busy I was.

Time ticked on, and July came.

Today it stormed. The rain poured in avalanches of sort, gallons and gallons. I cautiously stepped outside. The weather suddenly made me want to dance and take black and white photographs and go on pinterest and do all of the things that I never do on account of their clicheness.

Why are we so scared of not being entirely original?

Today, I decided not to care.

One day, not paying attention to what's cliche and what's overdone.

One day.

 Let's try to make this happen. One day of cliche-mania.

Will you celebrate with me?


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