Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And So We Brought The Words To Life

So one of the big things that I've been working on this year is trying to explore different media. One that's always interested me has been Youtube.

So we set out into the forest, with an old camcorder (*angry voice* my. dslr. doesn't. do. video. ARGHHHHHH.) and my tripod, trying to put together a story out of random snippets of imagery. We tried to bring to life those scribbles in my notebooks, those words forever in my head. And, forgetting the (rather awful) quality, I daresay we succeeded.

You know what would make me forever grateful? Subscribers.

Welcome to the magical land that is Ninaia.

xx, Nina

(ps. it's pronounce nin-ay-a)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

crying at campfires

 pictures from my trip to Greece in 2012
The year ends, and summer comes along. Long days, no school, and... summer camp.

I am the worst at summer camp.

Do you know why? I always cry at the last campfire.

So naturally what I do is find the other people who are crying and try to cheer them up to distract myself. I was hugging this 11 year old girl, when out of nowhere she said;

"Why do they sing that awful songs?"
 The song in question was I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane


I said to her that I suppose that they sing those songs as a chance to let us get rid of our sadness. It makes me happy in a weird sort of way to think that you can go to this campfire and know that you won't be judged if you cry, because everyone else is sad as well.

I guess that's what makes camp so hard to leave, too. Because these are people who get to know you without living your life with you, if that makes sense.


But then it isn't just camp. It's so sad to come home from any other place.

It's sad to realize that there are things you've already decided on and that you already have set up your life to some extent.

And now, freshly arrived from Hoofbeat, and looking through pictures of last year's trip to Greece, and all I can think is how, while people compare sunsets to coming home, they remind me a lot more of leaving.