the very original thing called an about me

I like to write.

Someone once told me; "only write words that will stay in your mind; thoughts that you hold to be absolute truths."

I like to go into my room and hide with Paper Towns and TFiOS and Leaves of Grass and my notebook, and keep the lights dim and forget that anyone else exists.

Coldplay is my savior.

So is Bastille.

I adore poetry, anything and everything that is not poetic nonesense. If you string words together without any meaning, I am not okay with you.

The clatter of the keys while I type makes me very very happy.

If you know of the existence of a fandom, I am probably part of it. Except Twilight.     

What makes me happy:

john green's books,
my dslr (a canon rebel xt),
the post,
doctor who,
chocolate chip biscuits,
this tea,
used bookstores,
new notebooks,
fix you (by coldplay),
home (by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros),
and most of all,
      anyone who took the time to read this. DFTBA!   

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