Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chasing Golden Hour

my mad lasso skills. don't I remind you of kate from the mysterious benedict society? XD.
 Look what I have ^^.
One of the best things about Spring is that Golden Hour finally comes back. I'm not sure I can express how ecstatic I feel looking back at these pictures in words because

Words were too flimsy to describe that feeling.
 - quote What The Moon Saw.

I assure you that plenty of words are coming up in my first ever Thoughts on Books to be posted online (also will be posted on TS, Jenny)


p.s. people can be so brilliant. i just feel like people are so brilliant right now thanks to the (youtube!) comments on the last song from dr. horrible*, which consisted of actual intelligent comments that were grammatically correct discussing the metaphorical resonances of the movie.

 *won't post because SPOOOOIIIIILERS.


  1. WOW. NINA. YOU. PICTURES. CAN YOU. JUST. GIVE ME LESSONS. ONE DAY, I PROMISE TO MYSELF, YOU WILL GO CAMERA SHOPPING WITH ME WHEN I'M ALLOWED TO (OR EARN ENOUGH MONEY...wait...I actually do have enough money. Wow. Well then. XD) GET AN ACTUAL SLR. AND YOU SHALL GIVE ME LESSONS. Promise me? But even though I have enough money for an SLR, I still feel that I should "learn to use my digital camera to its full potential" first. Or until it breaks. Yah. Well then.

    And yay for Les Mis! I also promise to myself that I shall watch movies a ton when I grow up to make up for all the movies I've missed.

    Love you no matter what and you should always remember and know that,

    1. CORRECTION. Ignore the part where I have the money. I'm workin' on it. XD

  2. sheesh, pretty lady! these are absolutely gaw-re-gous {that's my bad attempt at a new yorkian accent...suppose I'll just stick to British, k?} splendid! simply smashing! *smile* love your new little corner of the blogging world. xx | grace